Cover design • Illustration • Concept 
Cover story: Why Gulf governments must put aside their difference to turn the dream of a pan-GCC railway into reality. 
(To do this issue was a fun process full of sand and a train toy)
Cover design • Illustration • Layout design • Concept  
Cover story: Global impact of Gulf-based sovereign wealth funds in the wake of the recession. 
Layout design • Concept 
Cover story: The potential repercussions of Saudi Arabia’s decision to open its capital markets to foreign investment.
(The idea was to represent an old stock market using ticker tape)
Cover design • Layout design 
Annual Year Ahead
Cover story: Investigation of the stand-off between OPEC and US shale oil producers, which is driving oil prices to new lows and threatening global economic stability. 

Who is the good, the bad and the ugly in the oil economy?
Cover design 
Cover story: Why the market for solar power in the region will remain resilient despite the threat from falling oil prices. 
(Another sticky fun cover we develop with treacle representing the oil and kitchen sponges trying to clean all this mess)
Cover design • Illustration • Layout design  
Cover story: We look at the growing food truck scene in the UAE as the country’s food festival season gets underway. 
(Mental note: never design/illustrate food with the empty stomach)
Cover story: In the wake of the historic nuclear deal between Iran and the world’s major powers, this latest issue assesses some of the implications and what it means for the future of the Middle East.
Cover design  
Cover story: As oil prices hit new lows for the year, we look at the Gulf 
economies’ dependence on its biggest export and what must be done to ease this.
Cover design • Illustration • Concept  
Cover story: We look at the battle for tech startups in the Middle East to secure funding from local investors.
 Cover design • Concept  
Cover story: We look at the future of employment in the Gulf, with automation 
and demographic pressures set to deliver seismic change to the region’s workplaces. 

(This cover was made while I was listening Kraftwerk)
Cover design • Concept  
Cover story: The New Year’s Eve fire at The Address Downtown Dubai 
should ring alarm bells for real estate investors.
Typographical arrangement
Cover design • Illustration • Concept 

Cover story:
How refugees who have fled to Europe from the Middle East 
are being helped towards a university education by a German startup.

So many people, so few opportunities.

Cover story: 
How one of the finest collections of 20th-century art is locked up
in a Tehran museum–and the plans to show it to the rest of the world.
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